Saturday, April 18, 2009


What a fun night! We were asked to help with the UNITED TOUR last night - Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith concert. We got to hand out Show Hope packets, help "man" the tables and Chloe's favorite part???? Play with Emily (Steven C.'s daughter)!! In Chloe's words, "I LOVE her. And I want to send her a picture!"

AND we got to meet Emily's Dad too! Again in Chloe's words, "He's a nice Dad with a nice girl!"

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Book Review - Adoption Title

We found a new book we LOVE - it's Lily by Keri Campbell. We have to share!! Chloe first: I liked this book because Lily is beautiful. There are lots of pretty pictures in this book. I think it should have been called "Chloe" because it is just like me!

Now for mom: I designed a blog months ago now for Keri and had no idea she was a writer. Her book is marvelous for adoptive families. It is the story of Lily and her family as they travel to China to adopt her. I sat and read it to Chloe with tears in my eyes as she said, "Oh, that's just like me, I liked steamed eggs too." "Mommy - she looks just like me." I love it and it is one we will treasure. Bonnie Lemarie's illustrations are fabulous! The best part?? This is going to be a series and we can't wait!!