Saturday, March 7, 2009

Starting My Blog

Hi - I'm Chloe - I convinced my mom that since everyone else in my family has a blog - I needed one too. I wanted to call it Chloe Rebecca Liang Princess Sparkles Bilby's Blog - since that IS REALLY my REAL name, but mom said that was too long. (Then she said something about how that isn't my REAL name - she doesn't know!!!)


Kimi said...

Well I agree...Chloe did need a blog and I'm so glad that mom caved in :-).

I hope to be the first commenter on your precious blog!

Chloe, be sure and give your mama extra hugs and kisses tonight...she created you the most beautiful blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chloe Rebecca Liang Princess Sparkles!
You are a very good artist!
Are you going to let your Momma know what you would like to write on your blog?
Have a nice weekend, Chloe, I mean Princess Sparkles. Give your Momma and Daddy and extra hug and smooch, ok?
Love & Hugs from,
Miss Holly M.:)

Jill said...

Chloe, not only are you a special girl with a very nice blog but you are also very lucky to have a mom like yours. You 2 make a great mother daughter match. God is smart!

Renee said...

Chloe... my daughter Kendall who is 3 years old LOVES your awesome blog. When I am on my computer she will come up to me and say...

"MOOOOM can I see Chloe's blog." :)

Tell you mom well done, and that I want her to help me with my blog.